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About Varied / Hobbyist Official Beta Tester Ruby S.United States Groups :icondigimon-link: Digimon-Link
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Features from my little world

:iconrubixa-seraph:                                  :iconmoonphyr:

:iconphyrixa-nocturne: :icondigimon-link:


Commissions: Open
Art Trades: Open
Request: Only for close friends. So come befriend me.
Gifts: Befriend me and I might do you surprise art. Do art for me and I WILL do you surprise art.


Icons [200-400pts/$2.50-$5.00]
Icon Narulay by Rubixa-Seraph
Esyra Tenyo Icon by Rubixa-Seraph
Hukaro Icon by Rubixa-Seraph
Takeo Icon by Rubixa-Seraph
Icon Kotaru by Rubixa-Seraph
Zinya Icon by Rubixa-Seraph
Shelby Icon commission by Rubixa-Seraph Gothicdragonart Icon by Rubixa-Seraph Esyra Seraph Icon by Rubixa-SeraphRazor Icon by Rubixa-Seraph  Shay Icon by Rubixa-Seraph Janna icon by Rubixa-Seraph Mag Icon by Rubixa-Seraph Kaguya icon by Rubixa-Seraph  Icon Kotaru Redux by Rubixa-Seraph Matt Icon by Rubixa-Seraph 


Note: $2.50 for non-animated or blink+sparkle-only, $5.00 for animated (things other than blinking) icon. You'd be surprised at how hard it is sometimes to make sure an animated icon looks smooth but doesn't go over the file size limit.
Headshot [800pts-1200pts/$10.00-$15.00]
Request - Stylus Grand by Rubixa-Seraph
HitoDevimon by Rubixa-Seraph
Sketch - This is Upsetting by Rubixa-Seraph
Anything generally on a small-canvas that doesn't require anything below chest-level.

Sketches are $5
Half-Body Shots [1200-1600pts/$15.00-$20.00]
Halloween Rivalry by Rubixa-Seraph
Alive for you by Rubixa-Seraph
Kotaru Flourish by Rubixa-Seraph
Waist-up or any non-full-body

Sketches are $8
Chibis [1200pts-1600pts/$15.00-$20.00]
Seine and Ceros by Rubixa-Seraph
Gaia-Narulay: Red Thorns by Rubixa-Seraph
Z-Taz chibi by Rubixa-Seraph
Prize-Stygmon by Rubixa-Seraph
Chibi Sketches are $10

[I do Gaiaonline Avatars, too! Art Forum]
Full-Body shot [1600pts-2000pts/$20.00-$25.00]
Commish-Can't Run From My Aim by Rubixa-Seraph
Esyra: Hunter Strike by Rubixa-Seraph
Gift: Queen Nebula by Rubixa-Seraph
Razor Armored Ref by Rubixa-Seraph
(Background is an extra $10)

Colored and shaded. 

Full-body sketches are $13-$15


And it would probably continuously be overlooked by me as time goes on ^^;
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Rubixa-Seraph's Profile Picture
Ruby S.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

About the Artist
Hello everyone! I go by Ruby (or Rubi, as my username is Rubixa-Seraph.)

I've been on DA for a decent amount of time now, and looking at the snapshots of memory in my mind, my DA page sure has changed, just like my art. (This profile page used to be a MESS of color and images.)

I'm a digital artist (b/c a single tablet is more affordable to me than traditional materials T.T) but I greatly adore traditional art. ESPECIALLY pencil work or ink work. Markers are lovely, too.

Art has been in and out of my life...never a career but something I wish could just be what I can live for. For a long time, I did music, too. But a piano is even less affordable than art supplies, and besides, who wants to listen to me play 5-minute long classical pieces? Haha.

While art used to be an escape for me, it is now a means to catch up. The years of my childhood spent trying to draw in secret is finally over. The threat of being grounded for drawing no longer looms over my shoulder.

I am free.

So now I will spend my time catching up to my best friend and rival, MoonPhyr , and spend lovely time with my fiance, Lunar-Oatmeal .



Find me also on:

Project Tablet

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 16, 2015, 2:14 PM

Help Ruby get a new tablet please! I need to raise $60 through commissions!

So, as some of you may know, my poor wacom tablet broke several months ago, and the Genius tablet I'm borrowing does not agree with me. (My hands hurt from using it due to how different the pressure sensitivity works, and I tend to work with thick lines.) I hesitated on buying a new but affordable tablet because I really didn't want to spend money on something I haven't tried before. (I don't want to risk getting one that is just as un-agreeable.)

Last week, a friend of mine actually had a Monoprice tablet, so I finally got to try it out and see if it's for me. And while I will forever be spoiled by the Intuos, Monoprice will be a welcome replacement compared to the Genius right now. (Also, that way my brother-in-law in finally have his tablet back...)

So, I'm open for commission! Nope, no donations...I don't like getting free money. I WILL draw for the money. So please stop by and tell me if you're interested! (I'd like to not be in pain when drawing...)



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